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Amazon River Watershed

Why is it
important ?

The upper reaches of the Amazon Basin is biologically the richest region on earth. It is also one of the few expanses of tropical wilderness where intact ecosystems may yet be protected. Throughout the Basin, people's lives and livelihoods benefit from a healthy ecosystem.

Many opportunities exist to help shape economic development in the region in ways that will support and benefit from maintaining the region's biological heritage.

What needs to
be done?

Inappropriate, economically-flawed development schemes must be replaced with plans that make sense for the region.

Indigenous people should gain title to lands they have occupied for centuries but are now subject to colonization and unsustainable resource use.

Unoccupied pristine areas should be protected from encroachment.

Immigration pressures should be lessened.

Who is doing it?

APECO (Peru)


FOBOMADE (Bolivia)

SPDA (Peru)

Instituto de Investigaciones de la Amazonia Peruana

Museo Noel Kempff

PESACRE (Brazil)

Amazon Watch

Amazon Conservation Team

Conservation International

Forest People's Programme

NY Botanical Garden

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