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North Temperate Forests of the Pacific Rim

Why is it
important ?

The forest watersheds that rim the Pacific from Oregon northward through Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska and then west and southward into Siberia have created, through the ecosystem services they provide, rich habitat for wildlife and abundant natural resources for people.

Unsustainable logging destroys the basis of this abundance, devastating salmon runs, exacerbating floods, diminishing water quality.

What needs to
be done?

The intensity of logging must be adapted to the ability of the landscape to support forest growth and sustain ecosystem services vital to people and wildlife alike.

Key undisturbed watersheds, especially those supporting salmon runs, must be left pristine.

Economic development compatible with ecosystem protection must be encouraged.

Wood buyers should encourage suppliers to manage forests sustainably.

Who is working on it?

In the U.S. Pacific NW:
League of Conservation Voters Ed. Fund.

Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC)

Oregon Natural Resources Council Fund

In British Columbia:
Rainforest Action Network

David Suzuki Foundation

Gowgaia Institute



In Siberia:
Pacific Environment and Resources Center

Zov Taigi

Sakhalin Environment Watch

Woods Hole Research Center

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