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Maintaining Biodiversity on Forestlands
in the southeastern United States

Demands for wood and fiber from forestlands in the eastern US have soared over the past decade. This region is now the largest producer of pulpwood in the world, yielding 25% of the world's paper and paperboard. The increased demand is falling especially heavily upon private forestland. Indeed harvest levels on the 10 million acres of federal land in the region have declined steadily since their peak in the 1980s.

Pressure on the region's non-industrial, private woodlot forest patches will continue to grow. The majority of recent growth stems from proliferation of chip mills in the region. Of the more than 140 chip mills currently located in the Southeast, nearly 100 have been constructed within the last decade.

This privately owned forest landscape is vital to the region's economic and ecological sustainability. Without appropriate protective measures and constructive incentives, forest exploitation is very likely to be unsustainable.

To address this problem, the Foundation invites proposals from qualified 501(c)(3) organizations for programs working with private forestland owners, state governments, business leaders and other interested parties to develop innovative measures advancing forestland conservation in the Southeast. The Foundation is particularly interested in proposals that combine analytical work with public education. Proposals that address public land protection are welcome, but the Foundation will give priority to proposals that focus on private land stewardship.

Requests for support should not exceed $40,000 for work over the next year; the grant award process will be competitive. The Foundation will accept joint proposals, up to $40,000 for each institution, from organizations that decide to collaborate. Such a proposal should outline the role of each organization and describe the benefits of a joint effort. All proposals should include:

NARRATIVE PROPOSAL The narrative project proposal should be 5-10 pages in length. It should contain a clear work-plan, including an identified set of deliverable products due at the end of the grant period, along with criteria against which the project can be evaluated. Where applicable, the project should be set in the context of the broader work undertaken by your organization. Please explain why your organization is the appropriate institution to carry out the project and include details regarding:

  • the history of private forest land conservation efforts in your state;
  • the electronic methods that you use to communicate with other non-profits, the media, and the general public (e.g. e-mail list serves, fax broadcasts, websites, etc.);
  • the potential for establishing mandatory forest practice regulations that would help minimize soil loss and protect water quality during logging operations in your state;
  • whether your state's tax code provides adequate incentives to manage timber over the long term and your organization's ability to work in the tax arena;
  • plans to conduct outreach to non-industrial private forest owners, policy-makers, media, and other grassroots organizations; and
  • the use of conservation easements in your state and your organization's efforts to promote them.

Please submit the following items:
  • A line item budget for your project for the proposed grant period. Please specify the time period for which funds are requested (e.g., June 1999 - June 2000). The budget should include all items relevant to the project. Please delineate staff compensation by itemizing the salaries of staff. If only a portion of a salary is applied to the project, include each individual's total salary and the percentage allocated to the project budget.
  • A list of project funds already secured from all sources, including other foundations. Please itemize this list rather than merely indicating support as a lump sum.
  • A list of proposals pending with other sources for support of this project (detailing the source, the amount requested, the duration, and the date of decision).
Please submit your current annual operating budget, including income and expenses; note the dates of your organization's fiscal year.

Please submit brief biographical information or curriculum vitae (no longer than two pages in length each) for each project staff member.

Proposals with supporting materials must be received by the Foundation no later than Thursday August 10, 2000. The Foundation's Board will evaluate them in November 2000. E-mailed proposals are encouraged. Please send to:

ATTN: Eastern Forests RFP
W. Alton Jones Foundation
232 East High Street
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Related questions can be directed to: Jason Halbert, Grassroots Program Officer or Lynn Smith, Grassroots Program Assistant (grassroots@wajones.org); both can be reached at the Foundation's phone number: (804) 295-2134.

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