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Maintain Biodiversity

The foundation funds efforts to maintain the biological diversity and health of several ecosystems within the United States and abroad, and to contribute more generally to public understanding of the importance of healthy ecosystems for people's lives. Healthy, functional ecosystems provide clean water, clean air, and a variety of other services that make life possible. The ecoregions targeted for support have been selected on the basis of their global significance and on evaluation of their prospects of remaining viable for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, many of the world's most remarkable ecosystems and centers of biological diversity have been reduced to tattered, marginally functional remnants, with little hope of continued viability even in the near-term. The four eco-regions of focus-the Pantanal; the Amazon watersheds of South America; Pacific Northwest forests in the United States and Canada; and Siberian forests in northeast Asia-in which the foundation currently supports conservation efforts stand out as among the few that are likely to remain functionally intact.

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