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Establish the Costs of Being a Nuclear State

Throughout the Cold War, American citizens and even their elected representatives had no idea what the country was actually spending to build, deploy, maintain and clean up after its nuclear arsenal. (The answer was $5.5 trillion between 1942-1996). Nor did Americans know the extent of the environmental and health damage being done by the nuclear weapon enterprise. Secrecy, nonaccountability and inattention to costs of all kinds were even worse in the Soviet Union. Revelations of egregious and alarming abuses of public trust continue to emerge in the United States and Russia on a daily basis. Meanwhile, countries such as India and Pakistan are now on the verge of assuming the tremendous social, economic and environmental liabilities that go with building and deploying nuclear arsenals. The foundation believes that citizens should have the fullest possible information on which to assess and influence the policies of states that have or seek to have nuclear weapons. Since costs-of all sorts-should be considered in any respectable decision-making process, the foundation supports projects to uncover, analyze and publicly discuss data related to the costs of nuclear weapons in the United States, Russia and worldwide.

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