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Recent Reports and Publications
on Building Models

Center for a Sustainable Economy. Harnessing the Tax Code for Environmental Protection: A Survey of State Initiatives States are being driven to seek new environmental policy tools that better harmonize economic development with environmental and social policy goals. One particularly promising family of instruments is environmental taxes and tax incentives. Since the early 1970s there has been a veritable explosion of environmentally motivated tax provisions enacted at the state level. This study identifies 462 such provisions, the most comprehensive list yet collected. The survey finds a strikingly diverse array of instruments designed to assist in addressing essentially every major public environmental goal.

Redefining Progress. Priming the Pump: How Pollution Charges Combined with Revenue Recycling Help the U.S. Economy and Individuals This report explores ways to help consumers cope with both the impacts of climate change and the impacts of policies aimed at slowing or reversing climate change. The paper makes three points that are useful to anyone interested in protecting consumers. First, climate change itself will have significant impacts on U.S. consumers. Second, some Americans will feel the changes more than others. Third, the most fair and effective compensation or transition programs should help consumers by creating opportunities for them to adapt to climate change and changes created by policies to control climate change.

The Vermont Natural Resources Council. Tax Reform That Agrees with Vermont. This report that shows tax shifts in Vermont could work for the economy, the environment, and for Vermont families.

Sierra Business Council. The Sierra Nevada Wealth Index. is the first comprehensive assessment of the social, natural and financial capital which are the foundation of the Sierra Nevada economy. The report examines how these three different forms of capital are crucial to community prosperity and necessary for one another. Energy and Climate

World Wildlife Fund - US Climate and the Sea. Global Warming: The Oceans in Peril This report summarizes growing impacts of climate change on the world's oceans. Sea levels are rising, eating away at coastal habitats and presenting an increasing threat to people living near the shore. Currents vital to maintaining global circulation patterns are beginning to change. Oceanic productivity is decreasing over large areas, affected by changes in local circulation patters that are sensitive to temperature differentials. Temperatures are increasing, threatening temperature sensitive species like coral. And among the most alarming recent changes has been the crash in populations of some north Pacific salmon populations in the unusually warm years of 1997 and 1998. Canadian scientists have shown that sockeye salmon are extremely sensitive to changes in water temperature, particularly in the winter.

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