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Recent Reports and Publications
Prevent Massive Release of Radioactive Materials

Nuclear Regulatory Process Review
Center for Strategic and International Studies This study examined three basic facets of this objective and assessed the methods and procedures as well as the effectiveness of the NRC in carrying out this responsibility: implementation. regulatory processes, and emerging issues such as where the NRC could be more efficient in dealing with new issues while preserving safety and enhancing public confidence, and where the NRC could be better prepared to consider improved procedures in dealing with these issues. ...More

Plutonium End Game: Managing Global Stocks of Separated Weapons-Usable Commercial and Surplus Nuclear Weapons Plutonium
Institute for Energy and Environmental Research A new report examining the commercial plutonium industry has concluded that the futile effort to commercialize plutonium as a fuel has so far cost about $100 billion worldwide (1999 dollars), and is costing billions more annually. And it has created vast new proliferation dangers to boot. ...More

Nuclear Plant Risk Studies: Failing the Grade
Union of Concerned Scientists The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) examined how nuclear plant risk assessments are performed and how their results are used. We concluded that the risk assessments are seriously flawed and their results are being used inappropriately to increase -- not reduce -- the threat to the American public. ...More

Plutonium Disposal: the Third Way
Bulletin of Atomic Scientists By the end of the decade, an enormous supply of plutonium will still remain to be disposed of. The article by Alison McFarlane et al advocates an alternative plan to dispose of plutonium¡ªfabricating it into rods of ¡°storage mox.¡± ...More

The Bush-Cheney Nuclear Tragedy
Nuclear Information and Resource Service Nuclear power can neither address our short-term energy problems, nor can it effectively combat global climate change. We need to implement cost-effective energy efficiency solutions and to invest in the technologies of the 21st century. ...More

Does Japan Really Need Plutonium Fuel?
Citizens' Nuclear Information Center A review of maritime transportation of Japanese nuclear materials reveals it to be a symptom of the country's problematic plutonium program. The report calls for a thorough evaluation of Japan¡¯s plutonium program, and increased investments into research in energy efficient technology, energy conservation and renewable energy. ...More

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