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Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories China Energy Efficiency Information Bulletin

China Energy Efficiency Information Bulletin: Volume 4, No. 5, June 1998


Natural Resources Defence Council Technical Reports Website.

Recent additions include:

TAKING STOCK: Worldwide Nuclear Deployments 1998

An in-depth report on the sizes and locations of the nuclear arsenals of the U.S., Russia, Britain, France and China. April, 1998.

EXPLOSIVE ALLIANCES: Nuclear Weapons Simulation Research at American Universities

A report on the awarding of U.S. nuclear weapons program research contracts to universities by the Department of Energy. April, 1998

Federation of American Scientists Fund

Jeremy J. Stone, President
Nuclear Policy Review Project
The Nuclear Policy Review Project is directed by Morton H. Halperin, Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and former Defense Department and National Security Council official. The Council on Foreign Relations takes no institutional position on the issue. The core recommendation of this project is that the government, led by the White House, needs to conduct a fundamental review of U.S. nuclear policy that reconsiders the conclusions of the Defense Department's 1993 Nuclear Posture Review. March, 1998.

Henry L. Stimson Center

Transcript of the third electronic conference, "The Future of the Conference on Disarmament" January 12-23, 1998.
Transcript of the second electronic conference, "Deterring the Chemical and Biological Weapons Threat: What Role for Nuclear Weapons?" October 20-31, 1997.
Transcript of the first Electronic Conference on the Utility of Nuclear Weapons June 23, 1997.

Nuclear Control Institute

Paul Leventhal, President
Paul Leventhal and Alan Kuperman's op-ed on the commerce in Russian bomb-grade uranium and its potential to increase the threat of nuclear terrorism.

"A Three-Nation Nuclear End Run." Paul Leventhal and Alan Kuperman op-ed, New York Times, June 6, 1996, International Herald Tribune, June 8-9, 1996.

Peace Research Institute Frankfurt

Harald Müller, Director of International Programs
"Nuclear Disarmament:With What End in View?" Harald Müller, Alexander Kelle, Katja Frank, Sylvia Meier, and Annette Schape.Peace Research Institute Frankfurt Reports, No. 46 December 1996.

Council for a Livable World Education Fund

John Isaacs, President
Briefing Book on U.S. Leadership and the Future of Nuclear Arsenals

This briefing book by Peter Gray deals with but one aspect of the larger security equation as the United States enters the next century--the reduction and eventual elimination of nuclear arsenals. The end states discussed outline current thinking on how this goal might be met.

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