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e-mail contact information

General Delivery earth@wajones.org

Annual Report Requests AnnualReport@wajones.org

Director's Office director@wajones.org

Sustainable World Program sustainable@wajones.org

Grassroots-Sustainable World Program grassroots@wajones.org

Secure World Program secure@wajones.org

Administration - Grants & MIS grants@wajones.org

Note: Do not send funding requests or employment requests to this address. Submit your inquiry to the appropriate program's address (above), or to the Foundation's general delivery address.

Webweaver webmaster@wajones.org

Special e-mail addresses

Jones Foundation "InfoBot" System * infobot@wajones.org

The "InfoBot" system allows you to retrieve the Foundation's guidelines and application procedures, this address list, and other information using electronic mail. This tool may be useful when you are not visiting our World Wide Web site.

1) Send a message to: infobot@wajones.org

Note: You can only use this system if you have an Internet e-mail mailbox. If you try and send the InfoBot a message from within a Web browser like Netscape Navigator, make sure that your return e-mail address is valid!

2) In the SUBJECT field, enter one of the following words (only enter one word in the subject, you must send separate messages for each document desired):

INDEX - to retrieve the index of InfoBot files
GRANTS - to retrieve the index of 1995 grant data files
HELP - to learn more about how this system works

3) The body of the message may be left blank. Any text here will be ignored, but you may enter something if your e-mail system requires text in the body of the message.

General Delivery Address earth@wajones.org

Use this address if you are not sure which department you need to be in contact with or if you have a general question.

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