W. Alton Jones Foundation

Sustainable World Program

1994 Grants for Maintaining Biodiversity in the Pantanal/Paraná-Paraguay River Basin

Ecotropica * May 1994 - $34,000
Fundaçao de Apoio à Vida nos Tróicos
Cuiabá - Mato Grosso, BRAZIL
For workshops on the potential impacts of river basin development to facilitate cooperation among nongovernmental organizations along the Paraná and Paraguay Rivers.

International Rivers Network * May 1994 - $62,000
Berkeley, CA
To develop a regional and international network of nongovernmental organizations that will participate in public debates about loans to develop the Paraná-Paraguay River basin.

Wetlands for the Americas * May 1994 - $100,000
Manomet, MA
To educate the general public and multilateral financial institutions about issues related to sustainable development in the La Plata Basin region of Latin America.

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