W. Alton Jones Foundation

Sustainable World Program

1995 Grants Addressing Economic Externalities and the Environment

Accounting for the Environment * May 1995 - $75,000
A Project of the Tides Foundation
Chevy Chase, MD
To promote implementation of accounting methods that integrate the external costs of environmental damage.

Clean Water Fund * May 1995 - $175,000
Washington, DC
To promote public understanding of a "polluter pays" fee structure to increase revenue for environmental protection, and to address the external costs of pollution.

Friends of the Earth * Feb 1995 - $200,000 over 2 years
Washington, DC
To address the economic structure and incentives that drive environmental degradation.

Tellus Institute * May 1995 - $90,000
Boston, MA
To explore ecological tax reform as a means to achieve both economic and environmental sustainability at the state level.

Louisiana Coalition, Inc. * Nov 1995 - $14,000
Baton Rouge, LA
To promote reform of Louisiana tax policy which undermines community well-being by granting millions of dollars in tax relief to companies that have histories of environmental noncompliance.

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