W. Alton Jones Foundation

Sustainable World Program

1995 Grants Promoting Multilateral Development Bank (MDB) Reform

Bank Information Center * Nov 1995 - $100,000
Washington, DC
To provide information to nongovernmental organizations around the world about the policies and practices of MDB's, especially those of the World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank.

Both Ends * Nov 1995 - $50,000
To educate Dutch policymakers on MDB issues and to provide educational information to other NGOs in developing countries.

Erklärung von Bern * Nov 1995 - $50,000
The Berne Declaration
To promote environmentally sustainable lending practices at the World Bank.

Lawyers Committee for Human Rights * Nov 1995 - $50,000
New York, NY
For a conference involving nongovernmental organizations and officials from the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank on judicial reform and its implications for environmental protection.

Urgewald * Nov 1995 - $50,000
Sassenberg, GERMANY
To promote reform of Germany's multilateral aid policies.

World Economy, Ecology & Development Association * Nov 1995 - $50,000
To focus public and media attention in Germany on the need for reform in MDB lending policies.

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