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Secure World Program

1995 Grants to Dismantle Existing Nuclear Weapons

Brookings Institution * Nov 1995 - $25,000
Washington, DC
To assess through a joint U.S.-Russian workshop how controversies over deployments of ballistic missile defenses could be averted and progress on START II enabled in the U.S. and Russia.

Center for Strategic and International Studies * May 1995 - $90,000 over 2 years
Washington, DC
To develop analyses of how nuclear arsenals can be taken off alert and disassembled as a step toward eventual denuclearization.

Coalition to Reduce Nuclear Dangers * Nov 1995 - $75,000
A Project of the The Henry L. Stimson Center
Washington, DC
To inform national debate over ballistic missile defenses and elimination of nuclear weapons.

Council for a Livable World Education Fund * Nov 1995 - $50,000
Washington, DC
For public education and production of a briefing book on options for U.S. denuclearization.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology * Feb 1995 - $180,000 over 2 years
Defense and Arms Control Studies Program
Cambridge, MA
To examine the role of ballistic missile defenses and the utility of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in the post-Cold War world.

STAND of Amarillo * May 1995 - $25,000
Amarillo, TX
For public education about plutonium disposition, safety concerns and environmental degradation around the Pantex Nuclear Weapons Facility in Texas.

The Henry L. Stimson Center * May 1995 - $150,000
Washington, DC
For the Roundtable project to inform national debate over nuclear policy and strengthen nuclear nonproliferation following the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty extension conference.

Union of Concerned Scientists * Nov 1995 - $140,000
Cambridge, MA
To promote permanent nuclear weapons reductions, restrictions on ballistic missile defence systems, control of fissile and weapons-usable materials, and international nonproliferation goals.

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