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Secure World Program

1996 Grants to Promote Common Security

For Global Strategies on Common Security
Brookings Institution * Feb 1996 - $75,000
Washington, DC
To develop models for extensive changes in U.S. and Russian nulcear weapons postures and operation procedures.

International Summer Symposium on Science and World Affairs * Feb 1996 - $60,000
A Project of the Union of Concerned Scientists
Cambridge, MA
For a workshop to encourage young researchers and scientists, particularly in China, India and Pakistan, to address policy-oriented arms control and international security issues.

Common Security in the Former Soviet Union
American Foreign Policy Council * May 1996 - $73,000
Washington, DC
To explore new bi-partisan American foreign policy options toward Russia, in light of the governmental elections in both countries.

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace * Feb 1996 - $108,000
Washington, DC
To Strengthen Nuclear Controls and pursue nuclear nonproliferation in the former Soviet Union through research, meetings, media outreach and publications.

Center for Arms Control, Energy and Environmental Studies * Feb 1996 - $59,640
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Moscow, RUSSIA
To identify and analyze technical and security policy issues associated with nuclear weapons reduction and disposition of plutonium in the former Soviet Union.

Russian American Nuclear Security Advisory Council/STRONG> * Nov 1996 - $40,000
Washington, DC
To encourage and strengthen cooperative U.S. Russian approaches to securing nuclear weapons materials.

Social Science Research Council * Nov 1996 - $100,000
New York, NY
To evaluate the involvement of nongovernmental organizations in stimulating fundamental changes in American and Russian nuclear and security policy, emphasizing cooperative security measures.

Common Security in the Middle East
Columbia University * Feb 1996 - $125,000
School of International and Public Affairs
New York, NY
For research, workshops and an electronic database and forum on security issues in the Persian Gulf.

Cornell University * May 1996 - $18,300
Near Eastern Studies Program
Ithaca, NY
To produce, in conjunction with the Council on Foreign Relations, a short book on the Persian Gulf security issues to inform readers of economic, political, military and energy trends in the region and to clarify U.S. policy options, particularly toward Iran.

Initiative for Peace and Cooperation in the Middle East * Nov 1996 - $175,000
A Project of Search for Common Ground
Washington, DC
To facilitate a comprehensive multi-track approach to Middle East security and cooperation.

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute * May 1996 - $65,000
To engage regional specialists in exploring ways to promote common security in the Persian Gulf, with a focus on Iran.

Common Security in Northeast Asia
Center for International Strategy, Technology and Policy * Feb 1996 - $125,000
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA
To develop a collective security regime for Northeast Asia, focusing on a limited nuclear-weapons-free zone.

Program for International Studies in Asia * Feb 1996 - $66,439
George Washington University
Washington, DC
To hold a summer workshop in Shanghai, China, on international security and arms control, with Chinese and American participation.

Seton Hall Project on the U.S. and East Asia * Feb 1996 - $66,439
George Washington University
Washington, DC
To hold a summer workshop in Shanghai, China, on international security and arms control, with Chinese and American participation.

Common Security in South Asia
Center for Security Studies * Nov 1996 - $26,000
Washington, DC
To investigate and report on Pakistani strategic thinking as it pertains to nuclear proliferation in South Asia.

Center for the Advanced Study of India * Nov 1996 - $65,000
University of Pennsylvania
Washington, DC
To promote common security measures on nuclear and technological issues in South Asia.

Center for Defence Studies * Feb 1996 - $78,000
For a workshop in India on arms control and security issues to involve young Pakistani, Indian and Chinese journalists and scholars.

Henry L. Stimson Center * Feb 1996 - $190,000
Washington, DC
To encourage implementation of confidence-building measures and nourish cooperative securiy relations among, China, India and Pakistan.

Pakistan Security and Development Association * May 1996 - $40,000
For workshops on nuclear weapon and security issues in South Asia with Chinese, Indian, Pakistani and American participation.

Common Security in Europe
Centre for European Security and Disarmament * May1996 - $40,000
Brussels, BELGIUM
To monitor and disseminate information on nuclear weapons and related security policies of NATO and other European security institutions.

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