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Secure World Program

1996 Grants to Prevent the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

Anti-Militaristies Onderzoeks Kollektief * Nov 1996 - $30,000
For public education in The Netherlands about the dangers of creating a European nuclear force.

Peace Research Institute Frankfurt * May 1996 - $220,000 over two years
Frankfurt, GERMANY
To encourage nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation measures in Europe, and to establish a network of nonproliferation analysts throughout Europe.

RAND Corporation * Feb 1996 - $50,000
Santa Monica, CA
To investigate the role of the UN Security Council in offering positive security assurances to non-nuclear-weapons states, thereby enhancing long-term global nonproliferation.

Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control * Sept 1996 - $90,000
Washington, DC
To inhibit the spread of nuclear weapons by creating an export information bank to help exporters keep strategic technology away from buyers in countries with clandestine nuclear weapon programs.

Russia and the Newly Independent States

Center for International Trade and Security * Nov 1995 - $80,000
University of Georgia
Athens, GA
To promote nonproliferation export controls in the Newly Independent States of the former Soviet Union.

Center for Policy Studies in Russia * May 1996 - $35,000
PIR Center
Moscow, RUSSIA
For a media program to provide information on nuclear arms control and nonproliferation to decision-makers, researchers and the public in Russia.

South Asia

International Institute for Strategic Studies * May 1996 $150,000
To examine the option of providing positive trade incentives to facilitate strategic cooperation with India.

Berliner Informationszentrum Fur Transatlantische Sicherheit * Feb 1996 $42,000
To facilitate networking among nuclear disarmament organizations in Europe.
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