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1996 Grants to Assess the Full Costs of Being a Nuclear State

Brookings Institution * Feb 1996 - $30,000
Washington, DC
To publicize and disseminate in a final report the comprehensive economic, military and social costs of the U.S. nuclear weapons program from 1940 to 1995.

Centre de Documentation et de Recherche sur la Paiz et les Conflits * Nov 1996 - $60,000
Lyon Cedex, FRANCE
To research, publish and distribute a study on the direct and indirect costs of the French nuclear weapons program from 1945 to the present.

Childhood Cancer Research Institute * Nov 1996 - $35,000
Concord, MA
To conduct public education on the risks of exposure to radioactive materials and to develop local capacities for health research and monitoring in communities near nuclear weapons product sites.

Economists Allied for Arms Reduction * Feb 1996 - $50,000
New York, NY
To use economic analyses to identify local employment alternatives at nuclear weapons facilities and to encourage cleanup and waste management programs at these facilities.

Government Accountability Project * May 1996 - $40,000
Washington, DC
To provide legal and organizational support to "whistle blowers" and citizens around nuclear weapons facilities.

Physicians for Social Responsibility * Nov 1996 - $150,000
Washington, DC
For public and policymakers education about the health and environmental impacts of nuclear weapons production.

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