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Sustainable World Program

1997 Grants to Promote a Hydrogen Economy

Breakthrough Technologies Institute * Feb. 1997 - $75,000
Washington, DC
To continue educating on and raising the policy profile of fuel cell technology.

Breakthrough Technologies Institute * Nov. 1997 - $155,800
Washington, DC
To create and support a team committed to demonstrating a fuel cell powered locomotive.

Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental * Nov 1997 - $80,000
Mexico City, MEXICO
To improve air quality in Mexico City by educating decision-makers about zero-emission vehicle technology.

Desert Research Institute * Nov. 1997 - $96,000
Reno, NV
To raise public awareness of existing and potential applications of fuel cells.

Environmental Advocates * Feb. 1997 - $80,000 over 2 years.

Albany, NY
To promote the use of fuel cells for better air quality in New York State.

Environmental Policy Network * Feb. 1997 - $40,000
A Project of the Tides Network
Sacramento, CA
To advance fuel cell development, demonstration, and commercialization in California.

Idaho Conservation League * Feb. 1997 - $40,000
Boise, ID
To broaden and strengthen the constituency for environmental protection in Idaho.

Least Cost Energy Analysis Project * Feb. 1997 - $50,000 over 2 years
A Project of the Tides Center
San Francisco, CA
To support a workshop in Sao Paulo on energy and environmental issues in Amazonia and Brazil; and to support a fellowship program to teach the technical aspects of renewable energy sources.

Natural Resources Defense Council * Nov. 1997 - $68,000
New York, NY
To engage the regulatory proceedings of northeastern states in crafting public policies which support the commercialization of fuel cells.

New York Conservation Education Fund * Feb. 1997 - $50,000
New York, NY
To monitor the implementation of environmental funding approved by New York voters in 1996, and to educate decision makers about the importance of supporting the introduction of fuel cell-powered vehicles.

Resource Renewal Institute * Feb. 1997 - $40,000
San Francisco, CA
To promote the use of fuel cells to improve air quality in New York.

Rocky Mountain Institute * May 1997 - $75,000
Snowmass, CO
To accelerate the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cells and promote an irreversible transition to hypercars in the global auto industry by demonstrating how hypercars can adopt hydrogen fuel cell technology more readily than conventional vehicles.

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