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Secure World Program

1997 General Grants to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

Acronym Institute * Nov. 1997 - $180,000 over 2 years
For the continued publication and development of "Disarmament Diplomacy", the Monthly journal of the Acronym Institute.

Arms Control Association * May 1997 - $150,000
Washington, DC
To provide the media, Congress and the arms control community with reliable up-to-date information on the arms control issues and developments.

Atlantic Council of the United States * May 1997 - $50,000
Washington, DC
To develop consensus among key policymakers on how to reduce the risks of nuclear weapons, including the prerequisites for deep reductions among the major nclear powers.

Center for Energy and Environmental Studies * Nov. 1997 - $215,000 over 2 years
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ
To support Princeton University's Program on Nuclear Policy Alternatives as an intellectual leader and educator for the international nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation movement.

Coalition to Reduce Nuclear Dangers * Feb. 1997 - $75,000
A Project of the Council for A Livable World Education Fund
Washington, DC
To maintain collaberation among leading arms control groups enableing a collective effort to educate the public and policy makers about strategies for eliminating nuclear weapons.

Committee for Naitonal Security * Feb. 1997 - $100,000
A Project of the Lawyers Alliance for World Security
Washington, DC
To encourage the five nuclear states, particularly Russia and the U.S. to pursue systematic and progressive efforts to reduce and eventually abolish nuclear weapons.

Henry L. Stimson Center * Feb. 1997 - $175,000
Washington, DC
To integrate and promote studies concerning denuclearization in an effort to elevate the issue of eliminating nuclear weapons on the national agenda.

Institute for Science and International Security * Nov 1997 - $330,000 over 2 years
Washington, DC
For scientific and technical analysis of a number of efforts to reduce the threat posed by nuclear weapons to U.S. and international security.

Physicians for Social Responsibility * Nov. 1997 - $100,000
Washington, DC
For public and policymakers education about the health and environmental impacts of nuclear weapons activities.

20/20 VISION Education Fund * May 1997 - $100,000
Washington, DC
To prepare and disseminate educational materials to members and activists about nuclear weapons reductions, disposal of plutonium from retired warheads, continuing nuclear weapons development, testing, and related issues.

Union of Concerned Scientists * Nov. 1997 - $400,000 over 2 years
Cambridge, MA
To promote permanent nuclear weapons reductions, restrictions on ballistic missile defense systems, control of weapon-usable materials, and international nonproliferation goals.

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars * Feb. 1997 - $35,000
Washington, DC
To create an educational training and seminar series for Senate and House staff members responsible for nonproliferation and arms control issues.

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