W. Alton Jones Foundation

Secure World Program

1997 Grants to Dismantle Existing Nuclear Weapons

Center for Arms Control, Energy, and Environmental Studies * Feb. 1997 - $50,000
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
To develop and promote a Russiam perspective on the feasibility of deep nuclear weapons reduction between Russia and the U.S.

International Security Information Service * Nov. 1997 - $10,000
University of Bradford
To support research into the prospects for nuclear disarmament in France, encouraging academics and policymakers to address this issue more seriously.

Peace Action Education Fund * Feb. 1997 - $40,000
Washington, DC
To intensify grassroots awareness of major U.S. nuclear policy debates, including nuclear weapons research and testing, on-going arms control negotiations, and prospects for deep nuclear weapons reductions.

Rev. 98.01.06
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