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Secure World Program

1997 Grants to Stop Development, Production and Testing of Nuclear Weapons

Alliance for Nuclear Accountability * Nov. 1997 - $300,00 over 2 years
Seattle, WA
To coordinate the work of grassroots groups focused throughout the country on U.S. Department of Energy policies and practices related to nuclear weapons production.

Centre de Documentation et de Recherche sur la Paix es les Conflits * Nov. 1997 - $98,000
To continue to research, publish, and distribute a study on the direct and indirect costs of the French nuclear weapons program from 1945 to the present.

Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety * May 1997 - $40,000
Santa Fe, NM
To conduct research, public education, and outreach activities on DOE's continuing nuclear weapons research and development, and nuclear waste disposal programs in the state.

Los Alamos Study Group * Nov 1997 - $50,000
Santa Fe, NM
To draw public attention to the health and environmental effects of nuclear weapons research and development activities at DOE weapons laboratories.

Oak Ridge Education Project * May 1997 - $30,000
Santa Fe, NM
To continue research and advocacy on major DOE activities at Oak Ridge site in Tennessee, including clean-up and processing, storage, and disposition of highly-enriched uranium.

Physicians for Social Responsibility * May 1997 - $15,000
Washington, DC
To support the Disarmament Clearinghouse project, which coordinates and disseminates information on nuclear weapons developments to activists and grassroots groups around the nation.

Tri-Valley Citizens Against a Radioactive Environment * Feb. 1997 - $50,000
Livermore, CA
To critique continued nuclear wapons research and design at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), and to educate the surrounding community of potential health and environmental threats by Lab activities.

Western States Legal Foundation * Feb. 1997 - $50,000
Oakland, CA
To scrutinize and contest DOE's Stockpile Stewardship and Management program and the nuclear weapons research and design effort it sustains.

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