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1997 Grants to Eliminate Plutonium

Center for Energy and Environmental Studies * Nov. 1997 - $27,600
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ
To study the arguments for and against plutonium reprocessing in the late 1990's.

Citizens' Coalition Against the Plutonium Fast-Breeder Program * Nov 1997 - $300,000 over 2 years
A project of the Public Media Center
Kyoto, JAPAN
To build public awareness in Japan and other countries in the region of the potential environmental, economic, and proliferation liabilities of the Japanese plutonium fuel cycle.

Citizens' Nuclear Information Center * Feb 1997 - $40,000
Nakano-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
To scrutinize the Japanese policy of using plutonium as an energy source by publicizing plutonium's economic, social, and proliferation liabilities.

Commitee to Bridge the Gap * Nov. 1997 - $200,000 over 2 years
Los Angeles, CA
To educate the public about a range of developments in the U.S. nuclear establishment, including: plutonium reprocessing; standards for nuclear waste disposal; and plutonium disposition. The project will also continue to promote energy alternatives to nuclear power in Ukraine.

Institute for Energy and Environmental Research * Feb 1997 - $125,000
Takoma Park, MD
To create a common base of understanding and policy prescriptions among international activists, journalists, and others regarding the dangers of nuclear weapons-usable materials and related technologies.

Institute for Resource and Security Studies * May 1997 - $40,000
Cambridge, MA
This project will prepare a research report assessing both risks and alternatives to current high-level waste storage practices at Britain's Sellafield reprocessing plant.

Nuclear Information and Resource Service * May 1997 - $74,750
Washington, DC
To increase public awareness in communities around reactor sites and utilities which have express an interest in aiding tritium production for nuclear weapons and/or using MOX fuel derived from plutonium from retired nuclear weapons.

Safe Energy Communication Council * May 1997 - $40,000
Washington, DC
To continue educational outreach to newspaper editors and reporters to encourage greater coverage of U.S. plutonium reprocessing and weapons plutonium disposition programs.

Snake River Alliance Education Fund * Nov. 1997 - $30,000
Boise, ID
To work as citizen monitor of activities at the DOE Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory (INEEL) site.

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