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Sustainable World Program

1998 Grants for Maintaining Biodiversity in the Amazon Basin Watershed

Amazon Conservation Team
Arlington, VA $275,000
To initiate a long-term ecosystem conservation effort focused on the Madeira River Basin in Peru, Bolivia and Brazil which will serve as a regional, transnational model for designing conservation programs capable of sustaining large-scale ecosystem processes and services.

Amazon Watch
Malibu, CA $50,000
To protect Amazonian rainforest frontiers by deterring or minimizing ecologically disastrous mega-infrastructure projects.

Asociacion Peruana para la Conservacion de la Naturaleza
Lima, Peru $44,200
To assess biodiversity conservation threats and opportunities in the Madre de Dios watershed in the southeastern Peruvian Amazon.

Conservation International Foundation
Washington, DC $100,000
To pursue creation of a conservation corridor in the Caura River watershed and a strong conservation presence against government-planned development, dam and logging projects in that area.

Forest Peoples Programme
Moreton-in-Marsh, Great Britain $65,000
To support indigenous, environmental and human rights organizations in Suriname, Guyana and French Guiana.

Fundacion Eco Bolivia
La Paz, Bolivia $293,240
To draw national and international attention to threats to the Madidi National Park and to support efforts of people within the park to develop ecologically sustainable economic activities.

Fundacao Vitoria Amazonica
Manaos, Brazil $100,000
To collect and disseminate scientific data about the Amazon river basin and to promote the sustainable use of forest fibers for the production of handcrafts by local artisans.

Intituto para el Desarrollo Sostenible de la Amazonia
La Paz, Bolivia $25,000
To assess indigenous and other local communities' land tenure rights impacts on biodiversity in Bolivia's Amazonian watershed.

MONAPE, Associao Beneficiente dos Pescadores de Maruda
So Lu's, Brazil $40,000
To work with local fishermen and environmental activists to protect the Amazon floodplain from large-scale commercial fishing operations and environmental threats such as deforestation.

Museo de Historia Natural Noel Kempff
Santa Cruz, Bolivia $100,000
To perform a conservation assessment of the patterns and implications of land-use change in critical Amazonian watersheds of Bolivia.

Peru Verde
Lima, Peru $54,128
To assess current land tenure issues, and resource use patterns in the Departments of Madre de Dios, Puno and Eastern Cuzco, Peru.

Sociedad Peruana de Derecho Ambiental
Lima, Peru $37,200
To analyze current legislation and policy with respect to developing sound tourism in the Peruvian Amazon.

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