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Sustainable World Program

1998 Grants for Maintaining Biodiversity in the Pantanal/Parana-Paraguay River Basin

Ecologia e Acao
Campo Grande, Brazil $70,000
To monitor activities that threaten the Pantanal ecosystem and to encourage the public and decision-makers in the state of Mato Grosso to Sul support measures to protect its health.

Instituto Centro de Vida
Cuiaba, Brazil $70,000
To raise public awareness in the state of Mato Grosso about environmental issues and the importance of the Pantanal ecosystem.

International Rivers Network
Berkeley, CA $150,000
To support regional and international efforts to address the threats to the Pantanal and assist in strengthening the Pantanal's long-term protection.

Rios Vivos, Coalizao Parana Paraguay Prata
Campo Grande, Brazil $100,000
To distribute information and communications between 300 coalition members throughout Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay and Argentina as well as to northern NGOs interested in the conservation of the Pantanal.

Asuncion, Paraguay $100,000
To safeguard the environment of the region surrounding the Paraguay and upper Parana Rivers and provide support for moving toward an alternative sustainable development vision for the region.

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