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Sustainable World Program

1998 Grants for Maintaining Biodiversity in Forest Ecosystems in the Northwest Pacific Rim including the US Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, Alaska and Siberia

Alaska Conservation Foundation
Anchorage, AK $100,000
To reduce logging in the Tongass and Chugach National Forests to environmentally sustainable levels and protect timberlands through public acquisition or conservation easements.

American Lands Alliance
Washington, DC $75,000
To protect biodiversity in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia by drawing public attention to environmentally harmful forest practices and promoting sustainable alternatives.

Audubon Society of Portland
Portland, OR $80,000
To ensure that the state of Oregon implements programs, as directed by federal law, to protect and restore forest ecosystems, salmon habitat and salmon stocks.

BC Wild
Vancouver, BC, Canada $145,000
To oversee the preparation of two economic reports challenging the notion in British Columbia that the only choice is between timber jobs and the environment.

Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project
Fossil, OR $36,000
To assess forest management plans, propose modifications, and oppose those that threaten forest ecosystems in northeastern Oregon.

British Columbia Environmental Network Educational Foundation
Vancouver, BC, Canada $40,000
To assist and coordinate efforts of grassroots forest groups in British Columbia to educate the public and challenge allowable cut targets and the mismanagement of special management zones.

Coastal Rainforest Coalition
San Francisco, CA $200,000
To educate U.S. consumers about the need to stop purchasing products derived from British Columbia's old-growth forests.

The David Suzuki Foundation
Vancouver, BC, Canada $200,000
To protect the ecological diversity of Haida Gwaii and the British Columbia coast from the Alaska Panhandle to Vancouver through public education.

Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund
Seattle, WA $300,000
To protect the ecosystems of the North American Coastal Temperate Rainforest through reform of forest management polices to reduce the emphasis on timber and to protect and restore forests and the forest habitat of endangered salmonids.

Ecotrust Canada
Vancouver, BC, Canada $250,000
To formulate and begin implementing a comprehensive economic development strategy, based upon principles of conservation-based development, for the coastal temperate rainforest of British Columbia.

Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics
Eugene, OR $200,000
To assist the U.S. Forest Service's on-going transformation from a timber-dependent agency to one that balances timber values with the need for clean water, abundant fish and wildlife, and recreational space.

Friends of Elk River
Port Orford, OR $10,000
To promote protection of roadless portions of the Elk River watershed (the Copper Salmon wilderness) through field research, public education and oversight of management proposals.

Friends of the Earth Japan
Tokyo, Japan $320,00
To build Japanese public understanding of conservation challenges in Siberian forests and to encourage sustainable practices.

Gifford Pinchot Task Force
Vancouver, WA $25,000
To monitor national forest management plans in southwestern Washington and educate and mobilize activists and citizens to protect the forest's biological diversity.

Granby Wilderness Society
Grand Forks, BC, Canada $10,000
To advocate protection of critical uplands and grizzly bear habitat surrounding Granby Provincial Park in southeastern British Columbia.

Harrop-Procter Watershed Protection Society
Procter, BC, Canada $25,000
To promote sustainable forest management and community-based tenure in the forests above the communities of Harrop and Procter.

Heiltsuk Dha 'Yaci Society
Waglisla, BC, Canada $40,000
To monitor resource use and trends and gather and present data to maintain a healthy sustainable ecosystem in the native Heiltsuk territory.

The Institute for Fisheries Resources
Eugene, OR $75,000
To reverse salmon habitat destruction by organizing potentially powerful working alliances between environmentalists and commercial fishermen.

Kettle Range Conservation Group
Republic, WA $36,000
To advocate protection of roadless areas and ancient forest stands in the Colville, Okanogan and Wenatchee National Forests in northern Washington state.

Laskeek Bay Conservation Society
Haida Gwaii, BC, Canada $80,000
To promote conservation in Haida Gwaii through field research and public education.

League of Conservation Voters Education Fund
Washington, DC $300,000
To create a base of support in the constituencies of the Northwest states for conservation policies through an educational media campaign.

Nanakila Institute
Kitamaat Village, BC, Canada $40,000
To halt the destruction of coastal rainforests in northern British Columbia, and develop the Heiltsuk community's capacity to manage natural resources.

Natural Resources Defense Council
New York, NY $130,000
To help protect old-growth coastal temperate rainforests in British Columbia by educating U.S. consumers about the need to stop purchasing products derived from British Columbia's old-growth forests.

Northwest Ecosystem Alliance
Bellingham, WA $40,000
To use existing laws and trade agreements to redress inadequate environmental protection in Canada threatening transboundary species and forest ecosystems.

Oregon Natural Resources Council Fund
Portland, OR $80,000
To build public support for forest biodiversity and wildland protection by working with municipal leaders to protect forested watersheds, particularly roadless areas in national forests.

Oregon Trout
Portland, OR $75,000
To protect biodiversity and watersheds in the Pacific Northwest through increasing awareness of the need for long-term conservation in the Portland metropolitan area.

Pacific Environment and Resources Center
Sausalito, CA $280,00
To monitor logging activities and local compliance with forest regulations and environmental laws and to use GIS mapping of the Primorski Region to educate the public, media and decision-makers about the importance of forest protection.

Pacific Rivers Council
Eugene, OR $200,000
To secure watershed-based aquatic ecosystem protection on both public and private lands in the Pacific Northwest and southeastern U.S.

Raincoast Conservation Foundation
Bella Bella, BC, Canada $80,000
To conduct research and develop a science-based ecological reserve design for mid-coastal forests of British Columbia, in collaboration with Round River Conservation Studies.

Round River Conservation Studies
Salt Lake City, UT $80,000
To conduct research and develop a science-based ecological reserve design for mid-coastal forests of British Columbia, in collaboration with Raincoast Conservation Foundation.

Round River Conservation Studies
Salt Lake City, UT $40,000
To produce a science-based conservation area design to protect British Columbia's coastal forest ecosystems.

Sierra Club of British Columbia
Victoria, BC, Canada $80,000
To protect temperate rainforests on British Columbia's central coast, Haida Gwaii and Vancouver Island with advocacy, research, computerized mapping, forest oversight and public education.

Sierra Legal Defence Fund
Vancouver, BC $250,000
To conduct a multifaceted forest protection effort in British Columbia that builds public support to ensure that environmental laws are strengthened and enforced.

Silva Forest Foundation
Slocan Park, BC, Canada $28,500
To provide communities, forest activists and policymakers with accurate, up-to-date mapped data and analysis to promote ecosystem-based planning and sustainable forestry operations.

Siskiyou Regional Education Project
Cave Junction, OR $40,000
To promote the protection of the 10-million-acre Klamath-Siskiyou bioregion in northern California and southern Oregon.

Southeast Alaska Conservation Council
Juneau, AK $100,000
To protect the Tongass National Forest, the largest remaining old- growth temperate rainforest on the planet.

Umpqua Watersheds
Roseburg, OR $50,000
To protect forest biodiversity, monitor and influence Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management decisions and educate the public in southwestern Oregon.

Valhalla Wilderness Society
New Denver, BC, Canada $80,000
To call attention to policy failures by challenging provincial forest practices that threaten community watersheds, preclude sustainable timber jobs and destroy biodiversity.

Wildlife Foundation of Khabarovsk
Khabarovsk, Russia $80,000
To develop cooperation between environmental non-governmental organizations and government officials in the Russian Far East and seek the establishment of additional protected areas in the Khabarovsk Region.

Zov Taigi
Vladivostock, Russia $30,000
To educate the public, media and decision-makers about environmental laws and issues and publicize violations of environmental regulations.

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