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Sustainable World Program

1998 Grants to Support the Climate and Multilateral Climate Treaties

Center for International Environmental Law
Washington, DC $100,000
To promote implementation of the Kyoto Climate Protocol in ways that enhance forest and biodiversity conservation.

Consumer's Choice Council
Washington, DC $75,000
To promote the adoption of green procurement practices within the Asian Development Bank and among the Bank's client nations.

Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development
London, England $150,000
To undertake research, training and analytical assistance in support of efforts by the Alliance of Small Island States to address climate disruption.

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Minneapolis, MN $75,000
To provide information and policy analysis on existing and new trade initiatives that impact on the environment.

International Project for Sustainable Energy Paths
El Cerrito, CA $200,000
To analyze the costs and benefits of the Kyoto Climate Protocol to cut greenhouse gas emissions and publish the results of this analysis.

National Environmental Trust
Washington, DC $300,000
To educate policymakers, the media, businesses and the general public about the causes and impacts of climate disruption and the many economically sound options to avert it.

National Wildlife Federation
Vienna, VA $100,000
For an educational effort to improve public understanding of the potential consequences of global climate disruption for wildlife and habitats.

Ozone Action
Washington, DC $100,000
To organize non-traditional constituencies to form a coordinated voice on the need to address climate disruption in the U.S.

Physicians for Social Responsibility
Washington, DC $200,000
To involve physicians and public health professionals in educational efforts with the public, decision makers and the media on the health effects of global climate disruption and persistent toxic chemicals.

United Nations Foundation
Washington, DC $110,000
To facilitate closer cooperation between the U.S. and China on fostering Chinese development of energy policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

United States Public Interest Research Group Education Fund, Inc.
Washington, DC $200,000
To promote public awareness about climate disruption.

Verification Research, Training and Information Centre
London, England $150,000
To evaluate uncertainties inherent in measuring greenhouse gas emissions and to develop recommendations for incorporating these uncertainties in monitoring compliance with the Kyoto Climate Protocol.

World Wildlife Fund
Washington, DC $100,000
To educate the public and business leaders about the need to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

Worldwatch Institute
Washington, DC $300,000
To produce Vital Signs 1999 and Vital Signs 2000, annual compilations of global environmental trends.

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