W. Alton Jones Foundation

Sustainable World Program

1998 General Grants to Support the Global Climate Treaties

Alliance for Affordable Energy
New Orleans, LA $25,000
To rally Louisiana constituencies to advocate for decisive action to avoid climate disruption.

Atmosphere Alliance
Olympia, WA $60,000
To build a broad constituency for climate protection in the Northwest.

Center for Energy and Environmental Studies, Princeton University
Princeton, NJ $350,000
To provide technical analyses assisting Chinese participation in international efforts to protect the climate from disruption.

Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management
Boston, MA $150,000
To promote a state-based greenhouse gas mitigation strategy focusing on power plant emissions and their impact on public health.

Toxics Action Center
Boston, MA $20,000
To establish a Web site building on the book by Ross Gelbspan, The Heat Is On.

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