W. Alton Jones Foundation

Sustainable World Program

1998 Grants to Balance Economic and Environmental Needs

Alabama Environmental Council
Birmingham, AL $35,000
To build a stronger voice for environmental protection in Alabama through grassroots training, public education, a toll-free Hotline, an electronic network of activists and public dedication of Natural Wonder areas.

Artemis Wildlife Foundation
Helena, MT $150,000
To develop and implement a marketing plan for beef from cattle raised using grazing practices that will sustain western landscapes and western ranch families.

Center for Conservation Biology, Stanford University
Stanford, CA $210,000
To improve communication about "the environmental predicament" to the general public and decision-makers by drawing attention to the scientific connections linking environmental disasters.

Clearinghouse on Environmental Advocacy and Research
Washington, DC $240,000
To gather and disseminate information that highlights disinformation efforts by vested interests seeking to undermine environmental protection.

Idaho Conservation League
Boise, ID $40,000
To strengthen environmental voices in Idaho.

Maine Audubon Society
Falmouth, ME $66,000
To track and counter wise use activity in Maine.

Natural Resources Council of Maine
Augusta, ME $30,000
To counter the wise use movement in Maine and build mainstream support for natural resource protection.

Oregon League of Conservation Voters Education Fund
Portland, OR $10,000
To strengthen the ability of Oregon environmental groups to mobilize members.

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility
Washington, DC $200,000
To work with public employees in state natural resource management and environmental protection agencies to expose the dramatic decline in regulatory enforcement and to build a base of employee activists.

South Carolina Coastal Conservation League
Charleston, SC $40,000
To build positive models of responsible development and workable conservation in South Carolina.

Washington Environmental Alliance for Voter Education
Seattle, WA $80,000
To strengthen the capacity of Washington state's grassroots conservation movement and develop a constituency for conservation based on popular issues.

Western Organization of Resource Councils
Billings, MT $60,000
To strengthen environmental leadership and build more effective grassroots groups to promote sustainable environmental protection in Montana and eastern Oregon.

Western States Center
Portland, OR $100,000
To counter environmental backlash in eight western states through grassroots training, research and investigation, public education and coalition building.

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