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Secure World Program

1998 General Grants to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

Arms Control Association
Washington, DC $150,000
To provide information and analysis on arms control and disarmament issues for the media and for officials, experts and journalists in the United States and abroad.

Center for Arms Control, Energy and Environmental Studies
Moscow, Russia $134,000
To conduct arms control policy research, focusing on the technical issues that could hinder or advance much greater U.S.-Russian nuclear weapon reductions.

Coalition to Reduce Nuclear Dangers
Washington, DC $100,000
To coordinate the public education work of 17 of the most effective arms control and disarmament organizations in the United States in their efforts to reduce the dangers posed by nuclear weapons and push governments toward nuclear disarmament.

Council for a Livable World Education Fund
Washington, DC $75,000
To produce and distribute a briefing book describing and analyzing the major problems now obstructing further nuclear force reductions and security relations with Russia, and provide written materials analyzing recent developments in the Ballistic Missile Defense program.

Federation of American Scientists Fund
Washington, DC $540,000
For scientific analysis, official briefings, Track II diplomacy, media liaison, publications, and Internet archiving for nuclear nonproliferation and arms control issues.

Foundation for Peace Studies
Christchurch, New Zealand $40,000
To lead peace activism in New Zealand and Australia and to challenge British nuclear doctrine.

International Security Information Service
London, England $40,000
To prepare and disseminate monographs evaluating the results of the UK government's Strategic Defence Review, and making an up-to-date case for further steps to de-alert and de-value nuclear weapons.

Lawyers Alliance for World Security
Washington, DC $25,000
To enable Stansfield Turner to continue traveling in the United States, Russia, France and England to promote the idea of de-alerting nuclear forces and placing them quickly in "strategic escrow" until the formal disarmament/dismantlement process catches up.

Lawyers Alliance for World Security
Washington, DC $200,000
To build support among governments, elites and the media in Japan, Germany, South Africa and Indonesia for important nuclear arms control and disarmament steps.

Peace Action Education Fund
Washington, DC $40,000
To de-legitimize nuclear weapons in the public eye, and to press for deep nuclear cuts, a permanent ban on nuclear testing, and a cessation of new nuclear weapons design and development.

Peace Research Institute Frankfurt
Frankfurt, Germany $264,000
For educating and networking independent and governmental researchers and officials, as well as activists with a special emphasis on identifying security guarantees that can and should be provided to facilitate disarmament.

Ploughshares Fund
San Francisco, CA $330,000
To assist individuals and small organizations around the world working toward nuclear nonproliferation.

Verification Research, Training and Information Centre
London, England $200,000
To recruit two full-time professionals to educate the media and governments about the new challenges in disarmament verification.

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