W. Alton Jones Foundation

Secure World Program

1998 Grants to Stop Development, Production and Testing of Nuclear Weapons

Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety
Santa Fe, NM $100,000
To conduct research, public education, and outreach on new weapons design and plutonium pit production at the Los Alamos National Lab, environmental cleanup of the site, and radioactive waste disposal at the Waste Isolation Pilot Project.

Los Alamos Study Group
Santa Fe, NM $50,000
To advocate greater accountability by the Department of Energy in New Mexico and around the country.

National Security Archive
Washington, DC $45,000
To disseminate and promote Avner Cohen's book, Israel and the Bomb.

Natural Resources Defense Council
New York, NY $650,000
To develop a bipartisan, publicly supported consensus on how the U.S. and Russia can jump-start the arms control process, and to use computer simulation to model the effects of either Russia or the United States executing their nuclear war plans at the START II and III force levels.

Disarmament Clearinghouse
Washington, DC $25,000
To provide information and organizing suggestions regarding arms control and disarmament issues to unaffiliated organizations and activists across the country.

Tri-Valley Citizens Against a Radioactive Environment
Livermore, CA $125,000
To educate the public and policymakers about nuclear weapons research and development at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab.

Western States Legal Foundation
Oakland, CA $125,000
To expose key information about on-going and possible future nuclear weapons research and development at the Department of Energy labs and the Nevada Test Site under the Stockpile Stewardship and Management Program.

Women's Action for New Directions Education Fund
Arlington, MA $40,000
To educate the Mormon Church and its members about the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty and the desirability and feasibility of issuing a church statement in favor of abolishing nuclear weapons.

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