W. Alton Jones Foundation

Secure World Program

1998 Grants to Prevent Massive Release of Radioactive Material

Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
Cambridge, MA $200,000
To develop forward-looking policy recommendations for managing major current and future nuclear challenges, in both the military and civilian spheres.

Citizens' Nuclear Information Center
Tokyo, Japan $160,000
To uncover and publicize the economic liabilities, safety problems, environmental risks and proliferation concerns posed by Japan's civil plutonium energy program.

Committee for Critical Technologies and Nonproliferation
Moscow, Russia $78,000
To review the environmental and security dangers posed by Russian naval nuclear activities, and advocate restructuring of overall government management of naval nuclear affairs.

Greenpeace International
Washington, DC $120,000
To form a committee of scientists to analyze COGEMA's petition for a new permit to discharge radioactive and toxic wastes into the sea and air from La Hague and to publish a peer-reviewable critique before the French government decides whether or not to issue a new permit.

Movement for Nuclear Safety
Chelyabinsk, Russia $60,000
To work in one of Russia's largest and most contaminated military production regions, presenting alternatives and solutions to nuclear production problems, and encouraging public understanding and advocacy on these issues.

National Academy of Sciences
Washington, DC $105,000
To assess India's energy future and identify promising areas for Indo-American cooperation in energy research and development.

Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainable Development
Berkeley, CA $250,000
To install wind-power turbines to bring electricity to a North Korean village.

Pacific Forum CSIS
Honolulu, HI $85,000
To develop recommendations for ensuring that if nuclear power continues or expands in Asia, tough and common standards for safety and security are applied.

Project for Participatory Democracy
Santa Barbara, CA $30,000
To monitor and report on important Department of Energy policies related to the nuclear weapons complex and to provide ongoing policy, managerial and fundraising advice and assistance to the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability.

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