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Secure World Program

1998 Grants to Eliminate Plutonium

Institute for Energy and Environmental Research
Takoma Park, MD $320,000
To disseminate information on nuclear issues to foreign activists, journalists and NGOs, giving them access to reliable and understandable information in their own languages, and enabling them to participate more critically in nuclear policy decision-making.

Institute for Energy and Environmental Research
Takoma Park, MD $33,000
To continue timely research and writing on Savannah River Site activities, such as continued nuclear fuel reprocessing, treatment and storage of highly radioactive liquid waste, MOX fabrication and tritium production.

Nuclear Control Institute
Washington, DC $400,000
To direct technical analysis, testimony, advocacy and publications with a particular focus on eliminating trade in nuclear materials; monitoring UN inspections in Iraq; advocating alternative approaches to plutonium disposition; seeking a comprehensive cutoff of fissile materials production; and improving safeguards against nuclear terrorism.

Nuclear Information and Resource Service
Washington, DC $100,000
For public education about the Department of Energy's plan to dispose of retired warhead plutonium as fuel in commercial nuclear reactors.

Safe Energy Communication Council
Washington, DC $50,000
For educational outreach to newspaper reporters and editorial boards to encourage coverage of the Department of Energy's plans for plutonium disposition and reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel.

World Information Service on Energy - Paris
Paris, France $140,000
To disseminate otherwise little-known information on French and European plutonium plans to decision-makers, journalists, NGOs and the public, focusing specifically on reprocessing and the development and use of mixed-oxide fuel.

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