W. Alton Jones Foundation

Sustainable World Program

1998 Sustainable World Grants related to
Environmental Media

American Communications Foundation
Mill Valley, CA $250,000
To produce radio programs on environmental subjects for "The Osgood Files," and for major local TV stations in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Environmental Research Foundation
Annapolis, MD $75,000
To upgrade and maintain a Web site of environmental information and to hire a Spanish-speaking staffer to launch a Web page carrying Spanish translations of Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly.

IPS Inter Press Service
Washington, DC $130,000
To produce in-depth features, news and analysis about developments affecting the global environment.

Public Education Center
Washington, DC $100,000
To encourage media coverage of serious environmental problems in Virginia.

National Strategy for Nonprofit Technology
New York, NY $25,000
To undertake a national assessment of needs and opportunities within the nonprofit sector for using computing and related technologies.

Self Reliance Foundation
Santa Fe, NM $100,000
To produce four episodes for "Mundo 2000," a Spanish-language radio program focusing on environmental topics.

Society of Environmental Journalists
Philadelphia, PA $150,000
To facilitate communication among reporters and editors working on environmental issues and encourage professional development of environmental journalism.

WAMC Public Radio
Stockbridge, MA $100,000
To produce radio coverage of environmental issues, with topical in-depth coverage of timely events.

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