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Grantee Site of the Week (March 3 to March 10, 2000):

  • Health Schools Network, Inc.

  • Healthy Schools Network, Inc. is a not for profit education and research organization dedicated to securing policies and actions that will create schools that are environmentally responsible to children, personnel, and to their communities. Centered on children's environmental health, Healthy Schools Network activities include information, education, and coalition building. It was founded in late 1994 as the New York Healthy Schools Network, a broad-based coalition of parent, environment, public health, and education groups united in support of the New York State Regents Guiding Principles of School Environmental Quality. Since 1996 it has operated a nationally unique Healthy Schools/Healthy Kids Information and Referral Clearinghouse to help parents and others protect children and help local schools improve their environmental conditions and practices.

    Recent Jones Foundation grants to
  • Health Schools Network, Inc.

  • Health Schools Network, Inc. * November 1999 - $60,000. In support of a joint project with New York Coaltion for Alternatives to Pesticides to reduce and/or eliminate pesticides in schools.

  • Health Schools Network, Inc. * November 1998 - $15,000. In support of the Partnerships for Health Schools program, a joint project with the New York Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides.

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