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Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management

You know the type. Big head. Small frame.

Hardworking, overachieving.

Too much to do to change the way they do things...even for the better.

That was NESCAUM. At first glance.

An organization of state officials responsible for air quality, NESCAUM was a linchpin for LEV-ZEV advocates. For us, too.

Modem-wise, NESCAUM had the worst of both worlds...a grizzled network modem in dire need of Geritol and a newer, shelf-bound model that no one could figure out.

14 staff, 1 active modem. A cry for help if ever the Circuit Rider heard one.

First act? Install the newer modem. Next, get the Executive Director's computer on the Internet. Done!

But whoa! E-mail doesn't usually announce itself. So the busy executive might forget to check their external e-mail box on a regular basis.

He had two options. Abandon e-mail. Or invest in a more robust system. Improve the situation or cope and complain.

One if by LAN...
A Local Area Network (LAN) e-mail connection service fit the bill. First the Circuit Rider helped NESCAUM install an internal e-mail system. Then he hooked it to the Internet through a UUCP gateway (UUCP is an easy-to-manage and inexpensive flavor of Internet e-mail).

"We liberated 14 people from sharing one very crowded mailbox."

Advantages? We liberated 14 people from sharing one very overcrowded mailbox. Each staff member had a unique Internet address. What's more, this gateway took all the hassle out of picking up the mail. No one had to dial out for e-mail messages. The system did it for them and signaled each posting.

A single modem.
A single phone line.
And every single NESCAUM staffer had effortless Internet e-mail.

We brought Web surfing to every staffer, too. How? Replacing NESCAUM's dinosaur modem with a model ten times faster. With a Web browser on every desktop, Web, Gopher and FTP sites are now within fingertip reach of all staffers.

NESCAUM learned much and shared plenty. It was a win-win for LEV-ZEV advocates everywhere. What's more, it ain't over by a long shot.

NESCAUM is now planning networking projects to serve its own constituency. And from the LEV-ZEV project, NESCAUM knows that content must drive these new networks. Example? Through a program tcn would help to expand, school children will share and analyze air quality data through the Internet. Not technology for its own sake. Instead, using the Internet to distribute important and interesting information.

If it's true that success breeds success, NESCAUM should do the Circuit Rider Project proud. And sustain its value.

Much of that success falls directly on the shoulders of NESCAUM's can-do Executive Director. He took a make-it-happen stance. He led. Success followed.

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