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Organizations supported by
the Secure World Program:

Common Security

Global strategy:

British American Security Information Council
Council on Foreign Relations
Student Pugwash USA

Common Security in the Former Soviet Union:

The Center for Political and Strategic Studies

Common Security in the Middle East:

Columbia University
Internews Network
Middle East Institute
National Research Council
UCLA Center for International Relations
Search for Common Ground in the Middle East

Common Security in Northeast Asia:

Center for International Strategy, Technology and Policy, Georgia Tech
Program for International Studies in Asia

Common Security in South Asia:

Foreign Policy Research Institute
Henry L. Stimson Center
Regional Centre for Strategic Studies

Common Security in Europe:

Centre for Defence Studies, Kings College

Centre for European Security and Disarmament

Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

Arms Control Association
Center for Arms Control, Energy and Environmental Studies
Coalition to Reduce Nuclear Dangers
Council for a Livable World Education Fund
Federation of American Scientists Fund
Lawyers Alliance for World Security
Peace Action Education Fund
Peace Research Institute Frankfurt
Ploughshares Fund
Verification Research, Training and Information Centre

Stop development, production and testing:

Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety
Institute for Science and International Security
Los Alamos Study Group
National Security Archive
Natural Resources Defense Council
Tri-Valley Citizens Against a Radioactive Environment

Prevent proliferation:

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Center for International Trade and Security
Center for Policy Studies in Russia
Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University
International Institute for Strategic Studies
Institute for Science and International Security
Monterey Institute of International Studies
National Security Archive
Programme for Promoting Nuclear Non-proliferation
Russian-American Nuclear Security Advisory Council
Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control
Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

Prevent Massive Release of Radioactive Material

Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
Citizens' Nuclear Information Center
Greenpeace International
National Academy of Sciences
Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainable Development
Shundahai Network
Pacific Forum CSIS

Eliminate plutonium:

Institute for Energy and Environmental Research
Nuclear Control Institute
Nuclear Information and Resource Service
Safe Energy Communication Council
World Information Service on Energy - Paris

Prevent nuclear accidents:

National Whistleblower Center
Nuclear Information and Resource Service

Dispose of nuclear waste:

Aspen Institute
Southwest Research and Information Center
Snake River Alliance Education Fund

Prevent hostile use of radioactive materials:

Lawyers Alliance for World Security

Assess the Full Costs of Being a Nuclear State

Brookings Institution
Physicians for Social Responsibility
Yggdrasil Institute


Promote and develop media activities that complement the Foundation's Secure World grantmaking

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists
Center for War, Peace and the News Media
Public Education Center
Public Radio International

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